being and home

A Suite of Ten Sculptures

A tableau of ten figures, comprised of five beings and five homes, displayed on a white wall approximately 27' long and 16' high. The suite of ten sculptures is a meditation on any particular being's relationship to its home or the material circumstances it might call home. I investigated a group of creatures whose biology and morphology is somewhere between primordial and human. They are animals whose story is commonly understood and whose images we might have anthropomorphized for empathetic reasons. They are not quite archetypes, yet their image might persist as a childlike story about nature or images of the natural world in our subconscious. Their image in popular culture is in direct contrast to their physiology and morphology as intricately evolved beings in a complex web of life. On closer examination, their storybook image is slightly skewed. The material transposition in each of these sculptures is a meditation on the duality of what we have understood through our assumptions about the natural world and what we can no longer choose to ignore. They energetically suggest that there may be another emergent order of existence that is contrary to the one we think we know.

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