The Crystallization of All Your Emotions You Never Knew

Taoist esoteric practice puts tremendous emphasis on the five organs from Five Element Theory in Chinese Medicine: heart, stomach, lungs, kidney and liver. Each organ has a compass direction, a physical material (earth, metal, fire wood and water), a color (yellow, green, white, red, blue), a season, a taste and smell, an orifice and most important a positive and a negative emotion. For example the liver is the season spring and the color green, whose attributes are kindness and anger. Taoist meditation visualizes and connects these inner organs to heavenly forces where negative energy is transformed into positive energy necessary for physical healing and spiritual transformation. The Crystallization of All Your Emotions You Never Knew originates from my own Taoist meditative practice and manifests the form of the five organs as geologic crystalline structures, at twice life scale, to emphasize the exteriorization of our hidden emotional center. The growth of their crystals into sculptures embodies both heavenly (upward) and earthly (base) human urges, suggesting the continual process of health, disease, life and death as the alignment of earthly and heavenly forces.

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